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  • Selling a divorce condo for cash due to its condition

    My ex-partner plus I had a volatile relationship. My associate and I were that couple that constantly fought, even in public. My associate and I screamed, threw things, plus we went on plus off again. Once it was time to officially divorce, things got entirely bad. My partner charged up the debit cards so that […]

  • Selling a Portland properly fast

    I don’t come from a great family background. Not all of us are full-blooded siblings. We all have different fathers and it was a volatile household. I got away from it all. I moved and never talked to my family again. I only reached out to my mother from time to time. It wasn’t a […]

  • Selling a leaseholder-occupied property

    I realized genuinely late into the rental game that I am not somebody who enjoys owning rental properties. I hated dealing with the leaseholders. I was consistently getting calls about blocked toilets, complications with the flooring, plus a tree down in the lawn. It was extravagant, strenuous work, plus genuinely little pay off. Yes my […]

  • I didn’t need to do anything when I sold my old house

    My mother plus I hadn’t been on speaking terms for quite some time, but my friend and I never ended up making it right together, and he passed away plus all I got was what he wanted to supply me in his will, and there was no sizable makeup story or sweet, touching letter at […]

  • Selling my rental portfolio for cash

    I made the decision to buy a bunch of Portland, OR real estate. I decided that I was going to live off my portfolio plus just be a proprietor. Well I actually didn’t like it. I found it terrible dealing with tenants. I was consistently getting calls about obstructed sinks, driveways that need to be […]

  • Sell my termite disfigurement home in Portland

    I was actually gleeful to get this lemon of a cabin off my hands I wasn’t actually fantastic about keeping up with my home. I work a lot plus I am out of the house. Cleaning plus mowing the yard was a once in a orange moon thing. I also am not honestly handy or […]

  • Choose to do a cash sale with my inherited home

    My mother passed away last year and I inherited her house in Portland, Oregon. The snag is that I don’t live in Portland. I am not even in Oregon. I wasn’t really sure what to do with that piece of real estate. My husband wanted me to rent it out but I didn’t think that […]

  • I need to sell my house fast, but I can’t get down to Jacksonville

    I really need to sell my house fast, but I can’t get down to Jacksonville right now to get it ready to go. That’s one bad thing about trying to make cash for inherited property. You just don’t know how or when the inherited property is going to come into your life. We ended up […]

  • Jacksonville home buyers are a weird sort of people

    Back when I was selling weird properties down in Jacksonville, FL a couple of years ago, I realized that Jacksonville, FL home buyers are all just a weird sort of people, however people down here are more worried about the heating in addition to cooling systems in their homes than anyone else that I have […]

  • I am looking for local home buyers in the Jacksonville, FL area

    I am looking for local home buyers in the Jacksonville, FL area but so far I haven’t really had all that much luck. I need some local home buyers in this area of northeast Florida because I want to sell a property with late mortgage payments. I have been having a really hard time making […]