Selling for cash is a hassle-free alternative

I was originally reluctant to sell my home through a cash buyer.

I assumed that the price offered would be considerably lower and that the process might not be legitimate. When I sold my first home, I chose to follow the more traditional process. I found a licensed real estate agent and listed the property on the market. This led to taking pictures and arranging viewings. Once there was an offer, the interested buyer and I went back and forth negotiating a price. The buyer needed to get financing through a bank, which led to a long list of demands. In order to secure the loan, I needed to make repairs and updates. I ended up replacing the roof and the electric panel, installing gutters and railings and having the ductwork sealed. The cost of these improvements added up quickly. At the closing, I discovered all sorts of fees that I was unprepared for. A considerable percentage of the money went to the real estate agent. Overall, I was not happy with the process or the end result. When I decided to sell my second home, I researched the various cash home buyers in my local area. Rather than one of the large corporations, I chose a local, family-owned company with good reviews. They were excellent to work with, and every stage of the sale was completed quickly and smoothly. I was able to sell the house as-is and walk away from it in under two weeks. I might have been able to get a bit more money with a more conventional sale, but I am happy with my decision.

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