Vandalism leads to selling home

I frequently travel for work.

I am often away from home for weeks at a time.

I always worry about my property when there is no one there. At one point, I owned a home in a fairly secluded area. I invested into smart lights that would automatically turn on and off to make it look like someone was in residence. I bought especially sturdy door locks and set up a surveillance camera about the front door. None of that worked. Someone broke into the house through a window in the back. I believe it was a group of kids. They caused an excessive amount of damage. They spray painted and caused holes in the walls. They pulled down kitchen cupboards and destroyed bathroom vanities. They left faucets running and plugged the drains so that rooms flooded. I returned home to a huge mess. There was thousands of dollars worth of damage and endless hours of clean up. With the demands of my job, I don’t have time to take on big projects. I just wanted to find a quick and hassle-free solution. I was ready to move into a condo where I wouldn’t be responsible for yard work and upkeep. I liked the idea of a building with security to protect my home whenever I need to be away. I couldn’t list the house for sale without handling the damage from the break-in. The alternative was to sell the house for cash. I found a cash buyer in the local area who provided an offer the same day I completed their contact form. Had the house been in pristine condition, I could have gotten a considerably higher price. I was willing to accept less money to avoid the time and stress.
sell my inherited home