I didn't want to deal with tenants anymore so I sold my current home for cash

I recently got a task promotion that required me to transport to a current state; At first I thought I could keep my lake house plus just rent it out! Dealing with tenants was horrible, especially in a weird state.

I had to take a stranger’s word for the condition of my current home since I couldn’t look into things.

I was spending a luck dealing with repairs plus renter troubles. I was hardly making back any of the money with rent. It was stressful plus discouraging fielding calls too. I genuinely didn’t want to cut into my profits by hiring a property supervisor either. I finally got fed up plus just sold my lake house for cash. I found a company that buys homes for cash. It is a faster process when you do a cash offer instead of listing it on the market. You can choose the closing date plus not have to hash out small details love who is paying for what repair, then the company I choose allowed an “as is” condition as well, and so when I agreed on a price plus shook hands, they just took the house. I didn’t need to worry about cleaning it, staging it plus making repairs before someone saw it. They handle all the horrible toil that comes with owning a house. Sure, I genuinely could have made more if I listed it on zillow. I would have needed to deal with people coming to see the current home plus pay a commission rate to the real estate agent. It was worth it to me to sell my property fast in this situation.

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