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  • Selling my distressed property for cash

    It is easy for a property to quickly turn into a distressed piece of land. I moved to a different state. I wanted better weather, more job opportunities and to be closer to my parents. I tried renting out my former home. It was a bust. My renters were all total slobs. They created a […]

  • I didn't want to deal with tenants anymore so I sold my current home for cash

    I recently got a task promotion that required me to transport to a current state; At first I thought I could keep my lake house plus just rent it out! Dealing with tenants was horrible, especially in a weird state. I had to take a stranger’s word for the condition of my current home since […]

  • We had to sell the house fast for the divorce

    I was very surprised when my wife filed for divorce. I knew that she was unhappy, but I did not realize that she wanted our marriage to end. I got served the divorce papers at work. My wife and I were separated at that time, but I honestly thought that we were going to find […]

  • We wanted to sell our house fast

    Shortly after covid became a immense problem, my partner plus I decided to sell our home, then both of us were tired of living in the rat race with all the people else, however life was too short to keep paying all of those bills for things that all of us did not need to […]

  • I am a cash home buyer and I put up advertisements around the city

    During the last year we stayed at my parent’s first house, we decided to have a huge garage sale to get rid of old junk and furniture. My parents bought a new house but spent a large portion of time slowly transitioning us over. It was a time consuming process and involved more cleaning than […]

  • I used 316 stainless steel products to fix up the underside of my pontoon boat

    My pontoon boat took a beating last summer during all of the hurricanes and tropical storms. I had a ton of damage by the end of the season and the boat was pretty much toast. My friends told me I should get rid of it and start new, but I knew that I could fix […]

  • The business loan got me all the supplies I needed for the contract job

    I have been working in heavy duty construction for 20 years. I decided to start my own contracting business. I handle lots of different types of concrete and masonry jobs. I am a skilled rebar and iron worker. One of the biggest ways to have a successful company is to offer commercial services. Commercial services […]

  • I ordered extra PVC coated 16 gauge tie wire

    By the end of the phone call, I felt as though I had made a friend Each and every week, I get an email or a text message from a business that is offering some sale or special. Sometimes the email comes from the grocery store and sometimes the email comes from the clothing or […]

  • My dad worked every day until he died

    My dad is a great example of a man that worked hard to support his family. The guy worked hard every day until he died. My mom and him were married for 35 years. My dad worked all that time at a metal factory. My dad started working at the metal factory in the garbage […]

  • The business loan got myself and others all the supplies I needed for the contract task

    Thankfully, my fiance’s Dad decided to cosign for a loan so I could get all of the metal products necessary to complete the work I have been laboring in heavy duty construction for 20 years. I decided to start my own contracting business. I handle lots of different types of concrete plus masonry tasks. I […]