I am a cash home buyer and I put up advertisements around the city

During the last year we stayed at my parent’s first house, we decided to have a huge garage sale to get rid of old junk and furniture.

My parents bought a new house but spent a large portion of time slowly transitioning us over.

It was a time consuming process and involved more cleaning than I have ever done in my life in a single six month period. The garage sale lasted three consecutive weekends and had me working for hours outside of school that month. It was a time consuming process, but I made a little bit of money myself. I gathered old toys I didn’t want any longer and helped my mother with processing payments for people who arrived to buy something. It was great practice for working a cash register later in life, but I also gained a little bit of an entrepreneurial spirit to me that month. One thing we did to advertise the garage sale was create large signs to post on telephone poles throughout the city in strategic locations. I copied this tactic years later when I became a cash home buyer. I will make similar signs and put them on billboard pylons, data poles, and community post-it boards. A lot of people are looking to sell their house for cash, whether they have a house to sell without making repairs or a house to sell with a broken furnace. I have a team of guys and gals that help me with renovations before we put the house on the market and sell it without a realtor involved.

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