Selling my house with an overrun backyard

The house I bought in Jacksonville was beautiful.

Obviously the previous owner was quite the gardener.

The yard had all sorts of different trees growing around in a mini orchard. There were arches with wisteria and all sorts of vines. Gardens lined the house and there was even a rock wall. All of it looked like it belonged in a magazine. I am not a gardener. I don’t possess a green thumb. So the moment I moved in, the lawn took over. Everything got weeds and overgrown. The lawn got really tall and there was debris all over. The house looked like a mess. I tried hiring a lawn crew but they only mow. The house can be gorgeous, you just need to keep up to date with the yard. It was too much for me. I ended up looking for a house that has a simple, just mow yard. The issue I had was selling my place. I wasn’t willing to fix up the backyard and make it pretty to get the sale. I knew someone just needed to see the potential. I found a cash home buyer that did. I got back what I paid for the place. The guy wasn’t scared of trimming, weeding, and hedging. The overgrown yard was a minor setback. I bet he sees some really bad condition of homes. I was pleasantly surprised that I was getting such a good price point. I Wasn’t going to look the gift horse in the mouth though. I was just glad to get out of that house.

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