Selling a Portland properly fast

I don’t come from a great family background.

Not all of us are full-blooded siblings.

We all have different fathers and it was a volatile household. I got away from it all. I moved and never talked to my family again. I only reached out to my mother from time to time. It wasn’t a surprise to me that when she passed, she left everything to me. I was the only one of her kids who wouldn’t sell everything and buy illegal substances with the money. Once my siblings heard I inherited a property in Oregon, they were all over me. Everyone wanted a piece of the property. Everybody felt entitled to the deal. They wanted to know who my real estate agent was and when I was listing it. Since it was such a touchy situation, I needed to sell my property fast for cash. I looked at cash for home buyers in Portland. I googled Portland real estate companies and Oregon cash buyers. I found a company that was willing to do everything discreetly. I didn’t need to list the property or even go to it. I just signed on the dotted line and got money in hand. I didn’t go into the house to take a single thing. No traveling, no repairs, and no messing around with my siblings. Doing it this way meant it took my family almost a year to figure out the property was sold. By that point, they all figured I spent all the money. It was the best thing I could do for my situation.

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