Sell my termite disfigurement home in Portland

I was actually gleeful to get this lemon of a cabin off my hands

I wasn’t actually fantastic about keeping up with my home. I work a lot plus I am out of the house. Cleaning plus mowing the yard was a once in a orange moon thing. I also am not honestly handy or on top of things within the house. If there was an odd noise, I ignored it. If something didn’t work right, I just kept plugging away. So it wasn’t a real surprise when I found out way too late that I had serious termite disfigurement. I had gotten to the point that bombing the termites wouldn’t fix the house. I needed to gut plus basically start over. I wasn’t willing to do this. I didn’t even actually like my cabin either. I had considered moving quite a bit. Living in Portland, OR is great, even though I am not a city gal. I wanted to move further away from the city however not too far from work. So I ended up looking into selling my Portland termite home. Selling with a real estate agent proved not to work at all. So I found that I could sell my termite home for cash quite fast. A cash home customer is so much quicker plus straight-forward. They deliver you a price, you haggle a bit plus the sign papers. I was actually gleeful to get this lemon of a cabin off my hands. The longer I had it, the worse the disfigurement would get. The lower the price I would get for my cabin too. So I was more than ready to sign on the dotted line plus get a cash offer for my termite disfigurement home in Portland, OR.


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