I need to sell my house fast, but I can’t get down to Jacksonville

I really need to sell my house fast, but I can’t get down to Jacksonville right now to get it ready to go. That’s one bad thing about trying to make cash for inherited property. You just don’t know how or when the inherited property is going to come into your life. We ended up with an inherited property when my husband’s grandmother passed away and left her home in Jacksonville FL to us. I know that we probably should have been prepared for this to happen, but for some reason it still really shocked and surprised us when it actually did happen. Anyway, we need to sell the house fast, but we aren’t able to get down to Jacksonville, FL to get everything ready to go. The house is pretty old and his grandmother never had very much work done on the place at all while she was living there. I don’t really know how to sell an outdated property for cash, but that’s probably what we are going to have to do. I think that I’m going to end up calling a real estate company here in Jacksonville, FL and have them handle the whole entire thing for us so we don’t have to deal with it. It will be good just to get rid of the property, honestly. It’s been something that we have been thinking about for a while now and we need to get it done. It will be difficult for my husband, and that is why I am trying to handle most of it myself.


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