Where most rebar wire tie is made

Have you observed that these evenings just about everything is made overseas? It seems that nothing is made in the US anymore like it used to be, but some things still are made in the nice old US, but things like rebar wire ties, bar ties plus rod wire still are… Not that your common joe is going to be running out to buy bar ties, rod wire or rebar wire ties, but I thought it was worth mentioning that those things I think are still made in the US, and i think it or not did not think what rebar wire ties, bar ties plus rod wire were until recently when I was researching to see a list of products still made in the US.

I found out that rebar wire ties, bar ties plus rod wire all had to do with construction plus helping to hold concrete together, but or, something like that.

I may not have it completely right. But that is the general program of it all. I also found out that rebar wire ties for instance cost a ton of currency! I can see how only construction companies would be buying rebar wire ties or even the bar ties plus rod wire for their construction projects. I would never even need to use these kind of things in my weekly life, that is for sure. But for pretty much everyone in construction that uses rebar wire ties, rod wire or bar ties, you can safely think that these are all still made in the US without question at all.

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