Selling my distressed property for cash

It is easy for a property to quickly turn into a distressed piece of land.

I moved to a different state.

I wanted better weather, more job opportunities and to be closer to my parents. I tried renting out my former home. It was a bust. My renters were all total slobs. They created a lot of damage, especially when I refused to make repairs to the property. I will admit, I didn’t put any work into it. When I stopped renting it was so much less stressful. However, a property doesn’t age like a fine wine. Instead I realized letting the alwn overgrow, the plumbing to never have water run through it or turn on the HVAC unit was a mistake. The house was a mess when I finally took a lot at it. Harsh weather ruined all the outside of the house. Inside of the house was dirty and damaged due to former tenants and the home not being properly cared for. I started cringing and dreading cleaning it up. I didn’t want to make all these major repairs. I just wanted to hand over the house and be done with that former area. I then found a buyer that purchases distressed properties for cash. With a cash offer I didn’t need to list it. I didn’t have to take pictures, clean the house, mow the yard or make any repairs. I also wasn’t dealing with a real estate agent and hashing out who pays closing costs. I actually sold my house with no closing costs or hidden fees. Amazing right? I wasn’t planning on making a bunch of money with the sale, getting anything was a huge win for me.

Sell my house with no closing costs