We had to sell the house fast for the divorce

I was very surprised when my wife filed for divorce.

I knew that she was unhappy, but I did not realize that she wanted our marriage to end.

I got served the divorce papers at work. My wife and I were separated at that time, but I honestly thought that we were going to find a way to work things out. I was devastated when the process server showed up with the papers. My wife wanted to keep the house in the divorce, but I thought it was better to sell the house so we could split their profits. I knew that we had quite a bit of money tied up in the house. It was the first place we purchased together and it was worth a half million dollars. We had to sell the house fast for the divorce. We found a business that offers cash offers for homes. They do not charge a fee or a commission. You can get a fair cash offer in a matter of minutes. Our home was structurally sound and in a great neighborhood. When we saw the “we buy houses for cash” company, we called directly to speak with someone as soon as possible. It turns out that it is incredibly easy to sell your home without a realtor and you save a lot of fees. A realtor would have charged us at least 5% to sell the home, but the cash offer did not include any hidden fees. We got a fair market offer for our home and we closed less than a month after we started talking to the cash home buyer.

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