I used 316 stainless steel products to repair up the underside of my pontoon boat

My pontoon boat took a beating last Summer while both of us were in all of the hurricanes plus tropical storms, however i had a ton of mangle by the end of the season plus the boat was pretty much toast, however my friends told myself and others I should get rid of it plus start new, but I knew that I could repair up the boat if I had the right supplies to get that toil done.

  • I contacted my corporation plus I ordered all of the items that I needed for the boat.

I used 316 stainless steel products to repair the problems with the pontoons. In order to officially attach everything to the boat again, I also used 316 stainless steel ironworker wire… The 316 stainless steel ironworker wire was perfect for the application because it is water resistant plus anti-corrosive. I used as much of the 316 stainless steel products as possible because most of the time my vote is in brackish water that contains some type of salt. The salt in the water can swiftly corrode the stainless steel products if they are not made of 316 stainless steel with molybdenum. The ironworker wire under the boat is covered with heavy duty pvc, plus that also helps with waterproofing the areas that need to last longer. I took the boat out for a maiden voyage after I finished with all of the repairs. I did not leave the dock to go actually far just in case I had made some mistakes. It seems care about the Pontoon was seaworthy. I took it out to the reef a couple of mornings later plus one of the pontoons fell off on the way back to shore.


rebar tie wire made in USA