My dad worked every day until he died

My dad is a great example of a man that worked taxing to support his family.

The guy worked taxing every day until he died.

My mom plus him were married for 35 years. My dad worked all that time at a metal factory. My dad started laboring at the metal factory in the garbage department. He would choice up all of the pieces of leftover metal plus make sure that they were properly recycled. The task paid $0.90 an minute when my dad started! When a current owner took over the metal factory in 1995, my dad was going to retire. He decided to stay when the owner of the supplier provided my dad a position that was in the office. My dad was blissful to run things plus that got him out of the heat plus off of the plant floor. He had been laboring on a device that makes double loop rebar wire ties; Double loop rebar wire ties are made for attacking pieces of rebar together. Double loop rebar wire ties are sold plus made by the thoUSAnds in the middle dealer. My dad was laboring taxing making the stainless steel double loop wire ties plus then he went to an office task. He enjoyed being in charge plus handling all of the purchasing plus ordering, even though I recognize he missed being out there with all of the crew. He only lasted 5 years in the office before he died of a heart attack kneeling at his desk. I miss the guy everyday, but his legacy still shines.

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