I ordered extra PVC coated 16 gauge tie wire

Each and every week, I get an SMS or a SMS message from a company that is offering some sale or special.

Occasionally the SMS comes from the grocery store and sometimes the SMS comes from the clothing or perfume shop, then last month the coupon came from the company that supplies all of our items for the construction business.

The metal company wanted to let me believe that they were having a semi-annual sale and everything in stock was going to be 10% off. I was low on 16 gauge PVC coated stainless steel tie wire coils. I had about 10 spools of 16 gauge PVC coated stainless steel tie wire in the shop. The savings were quite significant. I contacted the metal company directly instead of trying to order online. I would rather speak to a live person. A lot of other people prefer and actually care about not having to talk to anyone, even though I would rather have someone go over the order with me so I believe that everything is correct. The lady on the PC told me that they were also having specials on a few other products. I didn’t really have any use for the other items that were on sale, even though I loved the fact that she took the time to tell me about the other sales. These sales were not listed in our SMS and the prices were not listed online either. By the end of the PC call, I felt as though I had made a friend. The woman taking our order was seriously helpful and actually kind and knowledgeable. I could tell that she knew a lot of information about the stainless steel tie wire coils.

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