I had to leave work when my wife went into labor

My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for the last 4 years.

  • Both of us were extremely happy when we found out that she was pregnant.

I have been worried during the whole pregnancy, but so far things have gone very well. I knew that we were getting close to the time when my wife could go into labor, but I still had to go to work. I was working on a project downtown that required multiple ironworkers. I was helping lay all of the rebar and wire for a fountain in the middle of the city hall garden. I was almost finished with the rebar and wire and I had already told the rest of the crew to leave for lunch. I received a text message from my wife and she said that her contractions were only five minutes apart but she was getting ready to call the doctor. A minute later, I got a text from my sister and she said that my wife was in the ER about to have the baby. Somehow I missed a text, because things escalated very quickly. I immediately called my wife, but she did not answer the phone. I called my sister and she didn’t answer the phone either. I was starting to get upset and frustrated. I called the emergency room and they claim not to have any patience with my wife’s name. After I called the hospital, I started to get worried. I immediately left the job site and started driving home. My sister called about 5 minutes later to tell me that they were at a hospital downtown. They had been shopping that day and were all the way on the other side of town.

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