The university art class utilized all sorts of mediums for sculpting

When I decided to attend a liberal arts university down the road from my house, I thought I was making a pressing compromise, i was going to this tiny university instead of this giant out-of-state university that is in the top 20 of the whole entire country.

I have wanted to go to that school since I was a child, as it is in the neighborhood where I was born plus the same university my Grandpa attended. Getting in as a potential undergrad was 1 of the most pride-inducing moments of my entire life. At the same time, I had to be mature plus realize that my dream school cost too much currency… The potential debt of just a single Spring semester at that school would dwarf the total debt I had after more than three years at the small liberal arts school down the road from my house. While it’s still daunting to see that amount of debt on my credit report, it’s a lot better than $200,000. That’s roughly how much currency it would have cost if I had gone to this big state school instead of the cheap liberal arts school near my parents’ house. I enjoyed my time there plus the various classes I had a chance to attend during my more than three years of undergraduate school. I loved the art classes, especially sculpting. Once every one of us showed our proficiency with cardboard sculpting, every one of us l earned welding plus started sculpting with steel rebar tie wire. The school would often get coils of black bar steel rebar tie wire from various building corporations over the years, leaving quite a bit of backlog in the art department’s supply shed. I had a lot of fun heating, bending, plus welding the steel rebar into various shapes.
16 gauge black annealed tie wire