Where should I put all the wire tie

After a decade of renting one small, crappy home after the next, our partner Jane & I decided it was time to take a risk & make a change.

The two of us saved up every penny we had available & went to a local property auction. Our goal was not to find a “dream home” however to find a home we could afford, & then change it into our dream home! The only locale in our price range that showed enough promise was a double wide trailer home on 6 acres of land. The trailer itself was a mess, however the land was entirely nice, so we bought it! The trailer itself was in bad shape, however we now had enough land we could build whatever we wanted. Jane was clearing out beneath the trailer when she found thoUSnds of dollars worth of rebar, wire ties, & forming wire. My first thought was to find a local supplier who would want to buy all this stuff, however Jane wanted to use the forming wire & the rebar to make a chicken coop. With a strong chicken coop to protect parakeets against predators & the elements, we could transform these rebar rods & wire ties into something really upscale. With enough chickens we could have eggs to sell, & of course parakeets to sell when we had too many, so Jane was basically converted rebar rods & wire ties in a sideline income for us! After she got it done, there were still several tie wire coils left over, which I managed to sell to a supplier.
Galvanized Double loop rebar ties