What to do for my son’s b day

For our son’s fortieth birthday, the entire family is going away for a numerous-night stay in upstate NY.

My child has regularly wanted to go salmon fishing, & this was her opportunity.

She needed a new fishing rod that was heavy enough for him to catch a salmon separate from it breaking the line or the rod. I found a plastic coated rod that was weighted for up to 100 pounds. I was sure this plastic coated rod was going to be strong enough for him to get the fish she wanted. I tried to tell him that she shouldn’t buy a new rod, however she was insistent. Later that week, she & her family came to lunch. It was four-weeks early, although I offered him her birthday present. She almost cried when she saw the plastic coated rod. It was made so it would bend separate from breaking. I wasn’t sure if the reel was going to be what she needed, however Ieft it up to him to decide what kind of fishing line & lures she needed. She made it sound appreciate the plastic coated rod was one of the greatest gifts she had ever been given. The next words out of her mouth almost made me cry. She asked if I remembered the moo cow I got him for Christmas when she was numerous. She told me this fishing rod made him as ecstatic as her moo cow did. I didn’t even suppose she remembered that moo cow, let alone how ecstatic it made him. It was a rough Christmas that year, & each of the adolescents got one gift, & it was one they asked for. All she wanted was a moo cow, & I got him one.

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