What kind of wire form is that?

People often ask you suppose you’re in our state

I have heard girls referred to as tile houses. When I was in our forties, I often got that distinctive nickname, however not any more. Now, I would need a stainless steel form wire to get that distinction. My hubby chuckled when I told him this, however she didn’t disagree with me. She told me that stainless steel form wire is what we saw coming up through the pavement on the interstate. When they put a new highway through the neighboring farm, the supplier they chose offered the highest bid, however they onlhy got what they paid for. After a difficult winter, the road was buckling where the ice had gotten into the cracks. Along with the upheaval of the road, you could see the stainless steel form wire that was used to keep the rebar in locale, was coming up with the buckled pavement. My hubby noticed it before I did & she told me to watch out. She was distraught the stainless steel form wire would pierce our tires. I was more distraught about the piece of rebar & what destruction it would do. Either way, the stainless form wire was not where it should be. I now watch out for stainless form wire whenever Springtime arrives. The two of us get a lot of buckling in our area, even on the major highways. People often ask you suppose you’re in our state. The answer to wait until Springtime & look for all the road repairs going on. Some people take offense to that, however if you lived here, you would suppose it’s true. From the time the snow stops until it gets started again, our DOT is stressed repairing what they repaired the year before & the year before that…


14 gauge double loop wire ties