Upscale double rod wire tie

I am a trucker. I used to toil for one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, however now I own our own rig & only take freelance jobs. I won’t mention the supplier by name, because they don’t deserve any free publicity! It was a nice locale to work, the spend money was enjoyable & the benefits were tremendous. After enough years a woman yearns for more freedom. Punching a clock & doing whatever runs were assigned to me got older, & I wanted to be able to pick & choose the jobs I took. I have no health benefits now, & the spend money isn’t quite as good, however overall I am much happier with our life! I just returned from a large run all the way across the country to secure a shipment of rebar wire ties, & several hundred coils of bar wire, rod wire, & lashing wire. I couldn’t tell you the difference between rod wire & bar wire, however to our purchasers it was upscale enough to spend money me a premium. Hauling so much gear burned a lot more fuel than I am used to, because rebar rods & the various kinds of wire ties are extremely dense, which makes them heavy. It was a entirely profitable run, however what I l earned was that the weight of rebar & wire ties is entirely difficult on our truck for long hauls. In the future I will have to charge an even higher premium for hauling rebar & wire ties to offset the long term wear & tear to our rig.



16GA black annealed bar wire