The strong wire ties work great

My home is full of surprises, even after a year of living here I will find something new.

This locale was built by the original owner, who had some deranged ideas about interior design, & even crazier ones about the landscaping.

For example, in our central living area, with the attached kitchen & kitchen, there are four weird ceiling fans. The fans are so close together the tips of the blades almost touch. Who would put in so several fans in one room? As for the yard, that has been a slowly unfolding eveningmare. There are bricks buried around the foundation of the house, just loose bricks that serve no purpose. There are a series of rebar rods that are buried in various locales around the yard, just straight up & down. Why on earth she plunged 6 foot lengths of rebar rods all over her yard is a mystery to me. I only found out about it recently while mowing the yard, & the shrubberymower blade clipped a small, exposed end of a rebar rod. If you do not suppose how strong rebar rods are, I can tell you they are strong enough to destroy a $500 shrubberymower in a single instant. I got a metal detector & some little flags to mark the spots, & started hunting for all the hidden pieces of rebar rods buried in the earth. There were over a hundred of them, & I have to ask – do you have any idea why anyone would bury rebar rods in the ground appreciate this?


Double loop ties