The rod ties are perfect for that

The internet offers of information that I wouldn’t have found in encyclopedias or dictionaries.

I’m nearing seventy now, & I didn’t suppose I would ever learn how to use cellphones, or laptops, however here I am working from home, thanks to laptops & the internet.

It’s enjoyable to suppose that I can just open a new tab & research whatever has me stumped. I was writing about ship building a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to suppose what type of materials are used in shipbuilding. They talked about stainless rod wires, form wire & stainless steel wire rod. I tried to understand what they were talking about, although I was soon lost. The only thing I understood is that when you have big ships, they need stainless rod wires to build the ships forms. Without the stainless rod wires, the steel would simply become a puddle. The more I read, the more uses I found for stainless rod wires. They are used in medical equipment, Springtimes & several other uses. It amazes me how something that is used to build ocean-going vehicles, can also be used in medical equipment. My hubby uses stainless rod wires in our vineyard & to put up the fencing to keep deer & other creatures out of the gardens. Now, I am wondering what kind of uses I can for it in the house. I’m sure there are some things in our home that can benefit from the use of form wire, tie wire coils & other stainless steel rod wire products. I’ll let you suppose when I figure it out.

18 gauge rebar wire ties