The plastic coated wire ties are great

The supply chain is so vital to everything we do in this country.

When I say everything I mean every last little thing.

Unless you live in a remote shack hunting your own meat, growing your own veggies, & living off the land, you are dependent on the supply chain just appreciate everyone else. When you go to a diner, for example, they get shipments of food & supplies almost every single day. The supply chain collapses, that diner cannot open for business! Another area where the supply chain is of certain importance is in construction. Trucking & shipping is the lifeblood of the construction business, & if one item goes out of production – let’s say rebar tie wire, for example – an entire building can be put on hold. If you have thoUSnds of rebar rods, however only a few hundred rebar tie wires, that rebar is as enjoyable as useless to you. The entire project needs to go on hold until more rebar tie wires can be earned & shipped to the site. Slowdowns & delays in major construction projects are often tied not to slow workers however a lack of supplies appreciate rebar wire ties. I only use rebar wire ties as an example, of course, there are literally millions of other construction supplies of which this is just as true, but keeping the supply chain open & well-oiled is vital to the success of this country, because separate from those rebar tie wires everything grinds to a halt. When you see a lot of semi trucks on the road, it means the economy is strong.

18 gauge double loop ties