Stainless steel bar ties have many functions

For the last more than five weeks, our hubby has been trying to get parts for washer; Our washer is almost 20 years old, however ‌until more than five weeks ago it worked perfectly, and recently there has been a lot of screeching coming from the top when it is spinning the water out of the clothing.

She has narrowed it down to one of more than one reasons, & the one reason would only cost $30 to repair! Unluckyly, the other reason for the screeching could mean we have to buy a new washer.

She ordered the section more than five weeks ago, & it is still not in, then much appreciate several other things in today’s world, they have a shortage… Everything is being blamed on the pandemic, however I’m having our doubts; Last month I was talking to our sibling who has her own construction supplier. She said they were trying to purchase stainless steel bar ties, & some of them were on back order. I once asked him something about her job, & it took me half an fourth of listening before I even understood one or more than one things she was talking about, so I didn’t ask why she needed stainless steel bar ties, but after we were done talking, I hung up & asked our hubby about stainless steel bar ties. She told me if I was interested, I should talk to our sibling because that’s what she did for a living. I snorted & told him that’s who I was just talking to. I asked if she had heard anything more about the washer part, & she said it had finally shipped.

14 gauge double loop ties