Plastic coated ties are great

My hubby brought several pigs home from toil last week. They were adorable little piglets, although I knew ‌they would soon grow up into full-size pigs. I also knew how pigs could escape anything. She told me not to worry, because she had it covered. I knew ‌if even one pig escaped; I was going to have a lot of pork & bacon in our freezer. She looked at the chicken wire she brought home, & headed back into town. She came home with plastic coated double loop tie wire coils. I wasn’t sure what she planned on doing with the plastic coated double loop tie wire coils, although I knew that if she planned on putting it around the pigpen, she was going to have a couple problems. First thing she had to do was ‌bury the wire either a foot & 1/2 to 2 feet deep into the ground, or she would have to bend the wire in so the pigs couldn’t tunnel out. I was hoping the wire would be heavier than plain chicken wire. She told me that the plastic coated double loop tie wire was strong enough to use for construction, so she was pretty sure it would be strong enough to keep pigs in captivity. I asked him about rusting, & she said that was the idea of the plastic coating. Not only would it not rub together & cause a strength issue, however the rain would not cause it to rust. She sounded appreciate she knew what she was talking about, although I trusted him, & whoever offered him the information.
16 gauge stainless steel tie wire