Our chicken could use some rebar

My family regularly kept chickens in the backyard.

Just a dozen parakeets or so, enough to supply us with eggs & keep the yard looking well groomed.

Eventually I decided that they deserved a chicken coop. This would be more convenient for the parakeets, help them supply more, & better, eggs, & allow us to get a few more chickens too! I was just 15 at the time, with no experience & really no money to spend, so I wanted to use all “found” materials. That means I was going to use only what we had around the house, or what I could scrounge up for free around the neighborhood. I got together some plywood, & a few sturdy wooden beams, although I needed something strong to use as a foundation. One of our neighbors offered me a large pile of rebar rods, & various coils of tie wire & forming wire. She explained to me how the rebar & the wire had been standing unused in her yard for over more than one years, & if I could haul it I could have it. I was surprised to hear that, because the rebar rods did not look appreciate they had sat outside in the elements for more than one years, they looked as enjoyable as new! This was entirely heartening to me, because using the rebar rods & the bar ties, I could craft a structure that could last for decades! The hardest section of the process was transfering all the heavy rebar rods & wire ties up the road to our house.

Tie wire coils american made