Need to secure those animals

I built our first chicken coop when I was twelve years old. My dad helped me out by threatening to kick our butt if I didn’t do it. Dad wasn’t a hands-on type of guy, however she knew how to encourage her adolescents! I appreciate to kid about it, however in her own way Dad helped me to figure out the type of lady I was (spoiler alert – I am not at all appreciate him, & never threaten to hit our own children). At the time our old chicken coop was falling apart around the edges, & it was getting dangerous for the chickens to be in there. I examined the old structure, & decided to tear down the outside, strip it to the skeleton, & then rebuild it. Instead of using cheap pieces of wood for the supports I wanted to use rebar rods. For some reason Dad had a broken down pick-up truck in the front yard that was filled with rebar rods, baling wire, & double loop ties. I have no idea where it all came from, however had been there for years. That was why I decided to use it, because the rebar rods & the double loop ties had been standing out in the elements for so long & were still in perfect condition. Rebar rods are basically impervious to the elements, which gives them endurance & longevity, & strength. I reasoned that a chicken coop build on a skeleton of American made rebar & forming wire would be strong enough to outlast all the chickens, & entirely the family, too!


tie wire american made