My construction job and wire ties

I got our beginning in the construction supplier when I was 13 & our Uncle Joe hired me to help him build a nuclear fallout shelter.

These afternoons we would call it a bunker, however this was 30 years ago, when a lot of people were terrified about the eventuality of nuclear war.

Looking back, neither of us had the experience or the intelligence to build a structure capable of withstanding a nuclear bomb. That said, Uncle Joe paid me five bucks an fourth, so I made money & I also got an education that would help me for the rest of our life. First we had to dig, & we spent afternoons on end digging up the entire back yard. Then we needed to beginning on the floor & the walls, however before we could pour cement we needed to put down the rebar rods, & attach everything with double loop wires ties. Uncle Joe explained to me that the cement was not enough, that it needed to have rebar rods supporting it, & the wire ties were used to bind all the rebar together into a grid. This spider’s web of rebar rods & double loop ties would anchor the cement, & make it ten times stronger, decades later I still remember that job vividly, & I still use the same approach to forming the rebar rods & securing them with double loop wire ties. There have been countless innovations in the world of construction, however it is still difficult to bear enjoyable old fashioned rebar & wire.


Rod wire