Looking at wire coils

Anyone who has cable TV, has entirely watched Forged in Fire, or at least heard about it.

  • People use rebar, stainless steel wire coils, & any other type of metal they can find, to forge knives in a 1000 degree forge.

My granddaughter saw the show & continued to watch it every day on Netflix. She prefers the show as much as her Grandfather. Together, they are celebration everything they need to build a forge & beginning making knives. My granddaughter makes jewelry & she is trying to figure out how to forge some of the items she puts in her jewelry. She has used rocks, porcupine quills, & weird looking bits of wood. Last week, she came up to visit & brought a stainless steel tie wire coil that she found on the side of the road. It was thin wire, & not what I thought it would be. My hubby told her it would be perfect for welding several pieces of steel together. This sounded interested, however making knives was not something I was interested in doing. I looked at some of the hobbies I did entertain, & I thought it would be interesting to use some of the stainless tie wire to weld the metal planters I picked up in the recycling bins. So far, I found an old paper rack that was going to be destroyed & turned it into a piece of furniture for the house. I am now working on a wrought iron picture frame that is rusty & full of pitting. I’m sure that if I use the steel tie wire as a welding tool, I can turn it into an elegant mirror.

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