It is all from the double loop wire ties

There was a major shortage of rebar wire ties all throughout our region. I don’t mean just our town or our area, this went beyond the state itself! The entire cluster of states around us had run low on rebar, which made it incredibly difficult to find, & incredibly lavish to purchase even if you could find it. The supplier I toil for is small, hungry, & young, so we were willing to try something new even if it was a risk. If all of the local distributors were out of stock, then I would have to find other distributors elsewhere in the country. I would rent a truck, & we would drive for as long as it took to find a full shipment of rebar & wire ties. It turns out this was far easier in theory than it was in practice. It took a lot more time, money, & energy than I ever thought to get it done… however we did get it done! The two of us sunk several thoUSnds dollars into the trip, however in the process saved ourselves thoUSnds more with the prices we got for rebar rods, forming wire, & double loop wire ties. It would have cost twice as much to purchase these things locally, so it was worth the effort. Now we have the only large supply of rebar rods & double loop wire ties in the area, & other builders are offering me premium prices for them! I will entirely sell some of the forming wire & double loop wire ties to recoup our investment, however keep all the rebar rods for myself.


Galvanized Double loop ties