It is a good idea to do a stainless steel tie

I don’t suppose about you, although I often wonder how things are made & why.

Last week, I was seeing truck tires all over the road, and when it gets hot, the friction of the tire on the sizzling road causes the retreaded tire will literary melt away, but periodically, the tire will catch fire, however more often, it will simply peel off & fly away.

It surprises me how there are fewer accidents caused by these flying tire remnants. What catches our eye, is all the splintered wires that stick out. If a car goes over these steel wire ties that hold the retread together, it can cause the car to have a flat tire. I had talked to our sibling about steel wire ties. She said they usually used steel wire ties in construction for holding rebar together, however it had alot of other uses. In retread for bigger tires, the steel wire ties are used as an agent for holding the rubber on the tire. Now that’s what I call ingenious. To take something that is used to keep a shape in concrete, & use it for tire retreading, is really amazing. It goes to show how people learn to adapt & have many uses for things that most people have never heard of. I’ll be looking more closely at those thrown retreads whenever I pass them. I entirely want to see what steel wire ties look appreciate when not embedded in a rubber tire. Now, I’m going to need to look into other uses for steel wire ties that could be useful in everyday life.



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