Iron workers should use stainless steel ties

My hubby thought I was looking for a new job this week.

I was asking him a lot of questions about ironworker wire, form wire, & tie wire coils.

When I asked what they used stainless steel ironworker wire for, she was stumped. I went through a myriad of uses the internet suggests, although I didn’t suppose what any of that was either. I told him I thought I knew what turnbuckles were, however she told me I was partly right. When I thought of turnbuckles, I pictured the corner in wrestling rings. They were what the wrestlers were regularly throw into. She told me that stainless steel ironworker wire could be used in those types of turnbuckles, however it was also used in turnbuckles that are localed in construction. This gives the ironworker the ability to tighten the wire when or if it begins to loosen. Stainless steel ironworker wire is also used in the suspension wires that hold up cable cars, & in the wire that help to hold up bridges & them their strength & flexibility. The two of us talked about cable tensioners, which is something I saw when they were repairing one of our local suspension bridges. It amazes me at the uses they have come up with for all of these tie wires. I wonder if they weren’t specially made for bridge builders back 100 or 200 years ago & one day they realized the opportunity of using stainless steel ironworker wire for other uses. I hear people talking about the pioneers of science, however it is those people that are the tploy pioneers. They have given us the ability to travel the world in a week, when it took that long for pioneers to go from one state to the next.
18 gauge double loop rebar ties