How to use the wire tie coils

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? For me it was a girl named Grace, who was as weird from me as could be.

The two of us were a real Romeo & Juliet type of couple.

The two of us lived across the tracks from one another, metaphorically speaking. She had money, our family had less than zero. She was gorgeous, refined, & artistic, while I was big, brutish, & intellectually limited. The two of us had a short however intense relationship that ended when she moved away to go to art school. I stayed here in our hometown & started working for a local supplier. That was a decade ago, & now I am talking to Grace again. She needs rebar rods & wire ties for her latest & greatest art replacement, & I am hoping to rekindle the old flame. Grace has done her research, & knows precisely how much rebar & how much forming wire she needs to craft the base of her sculpture. It will be big in scope, over 15 feet tall, however she has calculated how several tie wire coils she will need, as well. What Grace hasn’t accounted for is how difficult it is to manipulate rebar & wire ties into the shape you need. The strength & durability of rebar rods is what make them so upscale for construction, however this also makes them difficult to toil with. I will easily be able to get her as several rebar rods, wire ties, & spools of forming wire as she needs, & I will also offer to help her on the initial stage of her sculpture.

Tie wire coils