How did we find rebar

The home was a fixer-upper, & we knew that going in; Jessie & I had been yearning for a home of our own, so we could stop renting a tiny apartment, & we got our opportunity at a local property auction.

For a fraction of what a home costs we were able to purchase a used one! Granted, this locale was a little beat up, & had really seen better afternoons, however with some money, some difficult work, & enough time, we could make it amazing.

The first step was removing all the junk the previous owners had left behind, which is when we found the rebar. Rebar rods are incredibly dense & heavy, as are the double loop wire ties we found. Jessie wanted to drag it all down to the dump, although I knew there was entirely a better use for the rebar rods & wire ties… I just didn’t suppose what it was! The two of us did some Google searches & watched some entirely instructional videos that taught us how difficult it is to toil with rebar rods & wire ties. The two of us had enough material here to build a swimming pool, because it turns out rebar rods & wire ties are essential for making the concrete forms to keep a pool in shape! Neither Jessie nor I had the skills to build anything, so instead we posted pics & details for all the wire ties, forming wire, & rebar rods on Craigslist. Within more than one afternoons we sold all of the rebar rods & wire ties, & made a nice little profit!


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