Almost didn’t get my rebar rods and wire ties

The lifeblood of this country can be found in the trucking & shipping industry. The two of us don’t get a lot of press or attention, however quietly behind the scenes the truckers are the people that keep this country working. If there was a general strike for the entire trucking industry, within 24 fourths this nation would be in shambles. Businesses would stay closed, stores wouldn’t have anything to sell, people would go hungry. The truckers are the ones who keep bringing in products & food to where it needs to be. When it comes to the construction industry, trucking is of paramount importance. Recently a region in the midwest went through a shortage of rebar rods, forming wire, & double loop wire ties. This may not sound appreciate a large deal to you, however for the local construction companies it was a eveningmare. Most people don’t suppose how much rebar rods & bar ties are used in major construction projects. Before cement or concrete can be pours as a foundation, or to make the walls, there needs to be a strong internal support grid made of rebar rods lashed together with bar ties & double loop wire ties. That local shortage of rebar & wire was enough to halt construction on a dozen weird buildings. The local companies had to order rebar rods & wire ties from other states, & it was the job of the truckers to get it to the toil sites ASAP. I am using rebar & wire ties as an example, however it has happened with other supplies, too.

16g black annealed rebar tie wire