All sorts of construction supplies

It’s sort of a long story, however bear with me because it goes anywhere interesting.

Our home-based construction supplier was having a difficult time because of some shortages on supplies.

This started because of a strike from the local trucker’s union. Local laws were negatively impacting truckers, so they stopped making shipments to our area. That in turn caused big shortages on everything from bottled water to building supplies, & all things in between. The moral to this story is “don’t enrage the truckers, or your entire economy will be crippled.” My siblings & I run a small supplier making chicken coops & creature enclosures, & as you might imagine we require a lot of rebar, rod wire, bar wire, & forming wire. Without all of these things, our supplier cannot exist. Using online message boards I found a distributor who had a full inventory of all the rod wire & forming wire we could ever need. The problem was that the warehome of rebar wire ties was about more than one thoUSnd miles away, so we decided to rent a large truck & make a trek out of it. The two of us could load up on rebar & forming wire & have enough for the next year or more than one, however it would take a lot of time, effort, & money to make it happen. On the other hand, if we sold it all off piecemeal to other local builders, we could double or even triple our investment in this rebar & the forming wire. Should we take the money, or keep the rebar rods?



14 gauge wire ties