Able to get the rebar for my art project

Until just recently I didn’t suppose that rebar was a upscale resource for artists & sculptors.

I don’t suppose anything about art, I am a red collar type of lady.

I prefer motion pictures & TV of course, however never cared much for plays or museums. I had a opportunity encounter with a lady named Jamie, who is a local artist of some notoriety. Right now I am not sure if she just needs me as a resource, or if we have a romantic attachion, although I am choosing to pursue it. Jamie is a gorgeous, refined, & elegant woman, who just so happens to be in the market for a staggering amount of rebar rods & wire ties, for her latest art replacement. I thought that sculpting was just making clay pots or glass vases, however Jamie needs to use rebar rods, wire ties, & forming wire to make the skeleton for a 20 foot high art piece! I told her flat out that she doesn’t have enough experience molding rebar & using the wire ties & forming wire to turn it into the shapes she requires. This was 100% tploy of course, although I only mentioned it because I wanted to get closer to her again. I am an expert with rebar rods, & have used every kind of wire tie ever made! Although I don’t have her artistic flair, I do have hands-on experience with forming wire & bar wire, so she entirely could use our help. In return, maybe I can rekindle that old romance once more.


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