16GA black annealed bar wire

It really sucks when you know exactly what you want, and someone is intent on selling you something you really don’t want.

  • He specifically said he was 12 gauge plastic coated wire tie.

Instead of coming out and saying they didn’t have what my husband wanted, the salesman tried to push 16 gauge black annealed bar wire on him. My husband looked at him and said there was a big difference between 12 gauge and 16 gauge, and he did not want black annealed bar wire, even if they had it in 12 gauge. The man smiled and said he could show him something different. He had 12 gauge rebar wire ties, but it wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted plastic coated wire tie. I knew he was getting upset, and I hoped the man would quit pushing, but he wouldn’t. My husband picked up a coil of 16 gauge balck annealed bar wire and tossed it to him. The man went backward and the coil fell on his toes. My husband turned around and made note that the man didn’t get what he wanted either, as we walked out of the store. I felt sorry for the man, but I hoped he learned not to keep pushing things at people that they don’t really want. Eventually you’re going to make the wrong person very upset. He is very lucky my husband wasn’t really mad or it could have been much worse. I would hate to see what my husband may have done, if the man had tried to stop him again to sell him something else.

Bar wire certified domestic