Black annealed rod wire is now a family topic

My best friend just found out that she’s pregnant; The first thing he did after crying on our shoulder, was worry about what happens if there is still a shortage on baby formula… I had to laugh.

I couldn’t know that he had many weeks to store some baby formula away, however whenever he found any, he could purchase it as well as put it in his pantry.

I also reminded his that ladies are made so they didn’t need formula to feed their babies, then his response to that was, ‘EWWWW!’, as well as I laughed even harder, however he said that would be weird since he worked in a law office. They would fire his if he fed the baby in work. I went back to the baby formula shortage as well as how simple it would be to buy it when he found it as well as put it in the pantry. I remembered the last time he was pregnant as well as his hubby was trying to find the perfect wire for his projects. He was looking for black annealed rod wire. I got smart on his as well as asked why he needed to rest on his rod as well as yell fire, but he didn’t find it funny. She got quite snippy as well as said he needed black annealed rod wire, as well as he couldn’t find it; By the time black annealed rod wire came into stock, it was gone before he got to the store. I told his every one of us would both look for black annealed rod wire as well as baby formula every time every one of us went to town. She rolled his eyes as well as told me I was a bad friend, but he still loved me.

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