PVC bar ties are sometimes a problem

I overheard my sibling talking about PVC bar ties, plus I had to cut in.

I didn’t think he had a new bar in his house, plus I really didn’t think that it was PVC or had ties on it. I asked him how several ties he had on his PVC bar. He laughed plus told myself and others I was smart, however not that smart plus walked away. I knew what PVC bar ties were, however that didn’t mean I knew why he was using it. Then I remembered that my sibling had once worked in construction before he retired. He said he was help9ng his son-in-law do some hay baling plus they needed to get some binding ties for the bales. The only thing he could find was PVC bar ties; As much as he hated using something that expensive for baling hay, they didn’t really have a choice. It was the only haywire they could find. I liked my take on PVC bar ties. I could just see my laid back sibling wearing ties plus coming new home to put them on a PVC bar. More than likely, his PVC bar tie would not be used plus his ties would be all over the floor for his wifey to possibility up. When I saw this out loud, my sibling-in-law laughed plus said she didn’t realize I knew him that well. I grew up with him plus had known him for sixty years, but did she think all of us lived in weird houses when all of us were growing up? I knew what PVC bar ties were because my sibling plus I talked more often than she knew about.



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